Welcome to the home page of Ken Fraser.

The caption "From Black Box to Black Hawk" uniquely encapsulates the extremities of my professional career.

This web site has information on my working experience and on a leisure activity.

Working Experience

Brief background information on my Employment History, including a special section in relation to the Black Box, that seems to be of perennial interest to technologists, historians and the public in general is provided.

Leisure Activity - Unravel Cube

My motivation for setting up this website was also influenced by my interest in a computer solution to extensions of Rubik's 3x3x3 cube. This is completely separate from the professional career work. The original development was done a long time ago, and further developments have been incremental with no need to hasten completion. I have updated an earlier C++ version and have written a later Java version for broader application to web users. All versions of the software bear the name Unravel.

The C++ version accommodates the cube size range 2x2x2 to 16x16x16 whereas the Java version has the same lower limit but has a settable upper limit ranging upwards from 16x16x16 but never exceeding 99x99x99. The C++ version is available only as a Windows operating system executable. Further details on the Unravel program's capability are provided on the Unravelling Cubes of Size 2x2x2 and Above page. Both versions of the software are available for download.

As an aside, I also offer documents relating to the rules and mathematics for Rubik's family cubes. While general expressions for cubes of any size are derived, numerical data for cubes in the 2x2x2 to 25x25x25 range are calculated and those for the range 2x2x2 to 16x16x16 are plotted. Separate documents relating to the solving of cubes are provided.

Ken on occasion of Lawrence Hargrave Award in 2001

Ken on occasion of Lawrence Hargrave Award in 2001

5x5x5 cube image